An Introduction

I brainstormed my first blog post for weeks, trying to come up with something compelling and unique. I considered everything from revolution to heart-string-tugging, emotional nonsense until I realized the answer was simple: an introduction. After all, the whole point of starting a blog is to connect. I don’t want to be a faceless manufacturer; I want my customers to know me. And while I would love to meet each and every one of you individually over a cup of coffee, that’s just not realistic. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s call this a date.

My name is Sarah Campbell, and I’m a crochet addict.

I was first introduced to crocheting by my grandmother when she and my grandfather came to visit my family in Tanzania. Let me back up a step: I grew up as a child of missionaries in Tanzania (though I was born in Kenya). When I was 14, we moved to Germany, where I completed high school before moving to Houston, TX, which I now consider “home.” Okay, back to crocheting. My grandmother taught my brothers and me to crochet chains, and that’s what we did. We crocheted long chains in pale yellow yarn and strung them across my brothers’ bedroom. I didn’t crochet again until I was 18, living in a house full of people in Houston. My housemates decided we should have a knitting night in order to get to know our neighbors. Being the rebel that I am, I decided to go against the grain and pick up crocheting instead (I know — radical, right?). Gradually, I taught myself a variety of stitches and learned to read more complex patterns. I became addicted, learned about Etsy, and here we are!

A few other things about me before I wrap up this pilot post:

  • I’m pretty sure my blood is 90% coffee
  • I love to bake (if you’re in Houston, come to the 2nd Saturday Montrose Art Market on February 14. I plan to give out heart-shaped cookies at my booth!)
  • Mango is my favorite fruit
  • I was a creative writing major in college (this blog is a way to combine two of my favorite pastimes!)
  • I was almost an extra in a movie filmed in Nairobi, Kenya when I was about 12 (unfortunately, they ended up having enough people without me, so my dreams of stardom were crushed).

Tell me about yourselves! What gives you butterflies and has you dreaming big dreams? Have you ever eaten starfruit (I haven’t — I’m curious about it)? If someone were to give you a ticket right now to a place of your choice, where would you go?

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2 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. I’m looking forward to the evolution of your blog, and I’m hoping it will inspire me to finally check learning how to crochet off of my “hobby bucket list”. I was born in Houston and now reside in NC. I miss those gulf waters and Tex-Mex cuisine!
    A ticket to the place of my choice? Greece.


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