Pros and Cons of Outdoor Art Markets

One of my favorite things about running a craft business is doing outdoor markets. I love the excuse to be outside all day and, most of all, the atmosphere. It’s full of excitement, hope, and creativity. On Valentine’s Day, I took part in a market in our neighborhood. The weather was perfect — 70s and sunny (the perks of living in Houston) — and people were feeling festive. I had an amazing time, making connections and a few sales. Naturally, it inspired a post! So, here are a few pros and cons of outdoor art markets (some serious, some silly).

PRO: Making a little extra money.

CON: Subsequently spending that money on a funky necklace from another vendor (worth it).


PRO: Meeting quirky, creative people.

CON: Creepy toothless men who take one of the free cookies you put out and tell you how anytime they see something they want, they get it, whether or not it’s free. (Back away slowly. Don’t make eye contact.)

PRO: Getting creative and making a banner (tutorial to come) to hang in front of your table.


CON: Not being able to use your banner because it’s too windy.

PRO: Being outside and enjoying the sunshine all day.

CON: Not wearing any sunblock because that thought just doesn’t cross your mind during the “winter.”

PRO: Supporting the makers. This one trumps the rest.

What do you love about art markets?

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