DIY: Magazine Letter Banner

Making a space festive doesn’t have to mean spending a bunch of (or any) money. Decorating on a budget is easy! A few months ago, my roommates and I were trying to plan a little something for our other roommate’s birthday. I wanted to decorate, but I didn’t want to buy decorations. So I came up with the idea for a magazine letter banner.


It doesn’t take much. All you need are some magazines, a pair of scissors, glue, string, and a pen or sharpie (I cut out my letters freehand, but if you want them to be more clean-cut, you can draw or trace them first).


The first step is to figure out how many letters you’ll need. My “Little Elm” banner required nine letters. Flip through your magazines to find pages that are mostly print and rip (or cut) out the necessary number.


Next, find some brightly colored pages to use for your letters. Either cut them out freehand or draw them first and then cut them out.



Now, glue them on to the pages of text you tore out earlier.


Next, line up your letters on a table or the floor, facedown (make sure that they are backwards so that when you flip them over, they’ll be in the correct order), and measure out a length of string.


Glue the string to the top of the backs of the pages, about half an inch down.


Now, fold the top of the page over the string and glue that down to secure everything.


Do this for each letter, allow them to dry, then flip the whole thing over and you have yourself a banner!



Letting my magazine collection build up over the past couple of years has paid off! I now have the materials to make a banner for any occasion.

What’s your favorite DIY decorating project?

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