Dreaming in Green

I live in a city built for cars. Houston’s public transportation is notoriously inefficient (although the city is taking steps to improve it, which I’m very excited about). For those without cars, even basic errands such as grocery shopping are a hassle. This is especially true in low-income areas, where the nearest grocery store is sometimes miles away. In fact, 20% of households in Harris County live without cars and are more than half a mile from a supermarket. For residents in these “food deserts,” the most easily accessible food is generally fast food or convenience store junk food.

Image from chron.com

This is where Green Your Green comes in. Started by a passionate young woman with a heart too big to keep to herself, Green Your Green has a mission to outfit Houstonians with gardens. Though initially gardens are an investment — equipment, soil, seeds and seedlings — in the long run, gardens allow people to save money and have consistent access to fresh, local produce. “According to National Gardening Association estimates, a well-maintained food garden can yield an estimated half pound of fresh produce per square foot, yielding a $500 return on average when considering a typical gardener’s investment and the market price of produce” (read more here).


I love the vision of Green Your Green. One of my dreams is to successfully start and maintain my own backyard garden. How incredible would it be to walk down a street and see garden after garden outside people’s homes? Imagine a city in which all residents had access to fresh produce, just steps from their front doors. Beautiful, sustainable, and healthy!


This month, Little Elm will be supporting Green Your Green. If you buy a plarn product from me this month, 25% of the money will be donated to Green Your Green to help them with start-up costs such as truck use, labor, marketing, and vendor fees. Promote green space and get a recycled, handmade item in return!

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